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e-Business Consulting

e-Business (Enterprise Wide Internet Application Development)

Deploying e-Business solutions goes beyond "Static" pages and flashy graphics.
Increasingly, any organization that wants to improve its competitive position has to learn more about and interact better with its customers. Whether the customer is the end consumer, another business or sombody within the organization, the strategy needs to be holistic, taking into account the business drivers, the nature of the customer base, the organization's culture, and the technology base. Internet Application Integration (IAI) allows 24/7 access to mission critical information, giving companies the edge they need from anywhere in the world.

Enterprise Wide
The Internet has beome an essential tool for communicating, managing and deploying critical business information across your entire enterprise. No other type of communication medium provides the accessibility or manageability to customers, partners or employees. The benefits of e-Business can dramatically streamline an organization's delivery of products and services, while contributing to improved service levels and customer satisfaction. To succeed in today's inter-connected economy, companies need e-Business solutions that add value and are based on solid technical foundations. The Capitol Systems e-Business Consulting Team is positioned to provide project leadership and technical solutions at any stage of a company's web initiatives. From client's deploying their first web application to those pushing the e-Business envelope, Capitol Systems can do it all.

Architecture, Framework and Site Planning
Internet, Intranet, Extranet Systems
  • Guidance and assistance through the critical decision phase to ensure the appropriate infrastructure is in place to support integration, migration, scalability, reliability and adaptability.
  • Our aproach includes the full spectrum of web-based solutions, from busniess-to-business and business-to-customer, to web-based internal solutions.
Database and Legacy Systems Integrations
Web Development, Testing and Development
  • We can leverage our extensive knowledge and experience with database systems and web integration to deploy critical business information and existing legacy data.
  • From concept to delivery, we can assist your staff or assume full responsibility for web-based solutions.

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