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Franchise Portal

Franchise Portal Solution

The Capitol Systems Franchise Portal is a framework specifically developed to improve communications between franchisors and franchisees. Franchise Portal will help to increase revenue, decrease costs, maintain brand quality and standards, improve service to the franchisees and help produce more successful and happier franchisees. The Franchise Portal Framework provides rapid development and deployment. In addition, the Franchise Portal Framework is built on a robust secure platform to provide reliability, security, maintainability, and scalability.

The Franchise Portal Framework is tailored to each company’s specific needs, below is a sample of some of the functionality Franchise Portal can provide:
  • Maintain Standards/Quality-Global information on the compliance of standards in near-time for all franchisees.
  • Secure Online Ordering-More accurate ordering by franchisee, reduces labor costs for both franchisee and franchisor, and speeds delivery.
  • Fee Collection-Quicker and more accurate collection of franchise royalties and fees.
  • Online Training-online training reduces travel and personnel cost for both franchisor and franchisee. Readily available training will help maintain brand standards, and through more consistent quality improved sales.
  • Improved Communications-Franchise Portal is the best tool for providing two way communication between franchisor and franchisee. With Franchise Portal information can be global distributed instantly, additional Franchise Portal can provide a forum for franchisee and franchisor to collaborate in real time.

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