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Business Solutions

Unique Solutions

Over the many years of custom software development, Capitol Systems has the fortunate opportuity to obtain industry knowledge and best practices in multiple business areas. This opportunity brought forth the following products; XML-Gateway, Franchise Portal, SMS and our small business CRM application. These products have been built on sound technologies utilizing our practiced methods and standards. These practices allow for our products to be deployed in a multitude of environment and industries with the ability to be adaptable and extendable meeting future business requirements. With each of our successes, brings new and improved ways to delivering flexible business solutions.

Franchise Portal  
  • XML-Gateway w/Felxible Architecture
  • Security authentication w/role base access
  • Embedded XML-Database repository
  • XML-View of schema and data management
  • Massaging with JMS-based delivery system
  • XML-Services w/schema,validator & triggers
  • Standard framework approach
  • Predefined templated design
  • Modular architectural design
  • Ready made portlet solutions
  • Multi-Language support
Security Menu System  
  • Enterprise Application Management
  • Security driven model
  • Role based accesibility
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Contact Recall and Tracking
  • Relationship Notes Management
  • Sales Forecasting and Tracking
  • Calendar and Resource Scheduling

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