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The ability to efficiently manage and process XML data is fast becoming a fundamental business problem for many organizations. Accepting XML documents and transactions is much more than simply storing the data on a file system or database. Organizations must be concerned with auditing, validation, logging, security, versioning, performance, data retention and on-going management. These are necessary capabilities to ensure the XML data is managed in the same manner as any organizational information asset.

Capitol Systems Corporation’s XML Gateway provides a flexible, secure and scalable platform for managing all aspects of XML data. Built on the strength of an enterprise management platform, the XML Gateway allows companies to deploy applications and services quickly, using the latest XML server techniques.

Protocol Connectors    
Architecture View    

The XML Gateway provides for many standard protocol's.

  • FTP
  • SOAP
  • WebDAV

Additional protocols can be added to accommodate new standards and custom protocol needs. These protocols are built into the XML Gateway.

As XML increases as a “business transaction”, the need for a secure environment becomes paramount. Security is an integral component of the XML Gateway, providing granular control over all aspects of the XML process. Key features include:

  • Authentication
  • Role-based authorization
  • Integration with industry standard LDAP services
Embedded Database  
Many of the XML Gateway’s features are built on an embedded XML-enabled database. This database provides a robust persistence layer that ensures data integrity.

  • XML-enabled database
  • Relational (SQL) capabilities

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